My dad has spent 20+ years of his life playing guitar, and he loves it. It helps him relax, destress, and just generally be happier as I'm sure most guitar players would understand. A few years ago he had an accident while working a table saw and sliced off the top sections of his middle and ring fingers on his left hand. Since then he has had an incredibly hard time playing guitar, and it's saddening to watch him struggle through a piece that he could once play with ease, only to get frustrated and give up. The only thing he can do now is watch me play.

I can't stand to see him lose something that makes him so happy, and I'm sure you would all be depressed as well if you were unable to play guitar.

I was just wondering what the best way to restore some playing ability would be. I know he could get prosthetic fingers, but because he lost an entire joint on the two fingers I'm not sure exactly how much that would help.

He could be like Tony Iommi and create a home-made finger substitute, use lighter strings, and down-tune his guitar.

He could be like Django Reinhardt and just adapt his playing style.

I would just like some input so he can play hard rock, metal, classic rock, etc. without changing his playing extensively.

I don't know what to do for him but I know I want to give him the chance to make himself happy and play guitar again.

Thank you in advance for any help
tell him to get a new hobby since hes not able to play anymore
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I'd try the Tommi Iommi thing. That's worked well for him. Hope he plays again man.

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I don't really know how his hand is, but the only thing would be to just relearn and practice with "less finger"... Maybe try some prosthesis if possible.
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Thats a sad story I think the Tony Iommi thing is probably the best option. Or try loads of different ways! Hope he's able to play again!!!

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If the Iommi thing doesn't work, he could still do something like play the piano or drums, play slide guitar... He's probably already considered that though
Is there any opinion on partial finger prosthesis? If the tips were shaped the right way and were made with a durable material I feel like they could be the best option.
I think the best thing he could do (other than Iommi-fy everything) would be to adapt his play style. He still has working pointer and pinky right? That's more that enough fingers for power chords. Failing that, there are always open and drop tunings. He might not be able to play the stuff he used to in the ways he used to, but he can still play

Worst comes to worst, he could just Slayer it up....


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As GoxGetterxGuy said he relearn as a lefty. Sure it will be hard but is the best he can do.

Other than that it only takes two fingers to play with a bottleneck.
Maybe try to get him to play lefty? It would take a while, but it may work. Also, don't push too hard, I'm sure it hurts like hell when he plays.
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Get him to play pedal steel guitar.
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