I always remember how poor I am when I play guitar. It pisses me off so much that I usually end up smashing my guitar. Then I have to buy another, which just makes me poorer. It's a horrible, horrible cycle.
I'm always happy when I play guitar. If it didn't make me happy I wouldn't be doing it.

And that guy needs a psychologist
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If I got that angry at anything, then I wouldn't do anything. I admire his dedication despite getting so upset, but it is ridiculous.

... and does he have a hunch back?
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I get really angry like that.

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One time I got mad like that when I was 6 and broke my GameBoy Advance. Then I grew up and calmed the **** down.

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What is this I don't even...
Never been angry, but frustrated yes. But I do the logical thing when something pisses me off.

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I'm that angry all the time

R.I.P. M.C.A.
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How could he not be able to, after multiple attempts, play a song he himself wrote?
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I don't get angry. Every other guitarist in a 40 mile radius gets angry
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I get so angry I rage shit the hulk
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I never get angry when I play guitar, it's what keeps me sane. When I'm having an off day, I just play easier stuff.
That video was kinda lame, actually. I think he would've raged harder if he really meant it.

With a title like that, you'd think he was poised to invade Poland or something...
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you're a stone fox

Why would I want to throw that piece of sexyness?

(inb4 someone mentions the A7x poster)

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Damn what a ****ing idiot.
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Those poor guitars... I could use a new acoustic ffs.
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I never get angry. I get a bit frustrated if i'm learning something new, but not angry.
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I used to get angry when I played guitar, then I took an---

Oh. Old joke. Sorry.

I don't get angry when I play guitar.

I play drums :P
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Is that even real?

I really don't understand how he could have gone through life getting that pissed off and angry about such little things...or accomplish anything
I get fustrated when I'm practicing something that I can't seem to get right or when I'm trying to fix my technique. But I usally calm down or take a break before I get angry. I would never hurt my Peavey.
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That kid needs to die.

The guy filming pisses me off way more than the shitty actor.
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I thought all of his videos were fake.

But I really donno after watching him light all the christmas shit on fire

They gotta be....
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