Bought it used for $250 plus tax. After doing some research, I believe it's an Ibanez SR800.

As for how it sounds... Well, I don't have an amp yet but it sounded good in the store!
ah now that is a nice bass.

what you planning on jamming out to with it?

Muse? Zeppelin? Floyd? Skrillex?

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Pretty good deal for an SR800. What are you thinking of for an amp, and what brought you to the bass world?

As much as I love the guitar and rock music, I've always been more fond of the deep groovy sound of the bass guitar. For an amp, I'm not sure. I have about $150 dollars left. I've been checking out the Acoustic B10. Seems good enough for me.

As for what I'll be playing, mostly funk and jazz. Stuff like Jamiroquai and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Of course, I'm open to all genres of music