I never thought of this, but I can "rent" any guitar I want for 30 days lol. Never thought of doing this. I probably goign to go tommorow and rent a strat or foot pedal
People like this ruin options that places like Guitar Center have for honest people to find the equipment they want.

a: shreded here, buys guitar...plays it for 29 days, takes it back because he knows how to screw the system.

b: honest harry buys a guitar, doesn't think he made the right choice...goes back and ends up finding the one he really does want.

But because shreded thought he was so smart, he does this repeatedly and places like GC get rid of their policy on satisfaction guaranteed and only offer exchanges.

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Please, take a break from making terrible threads. Type in the searchbar for someone named, "Represent", and see what happened to him. He started out doing what you are doing now. Don't make the same mistakes he did, otherwise you'll be torn apart by other users and they'll bash the shit out of you to where you can't ever be taken seriously and only get responses like, "You suck.".
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