Ok so I'm trying to write this from my phone so don't expect anything fancy.
So right now, I'm stuck in a pretty bad situation: The praise team leader at my church wanted me to play lead guitar since I have an electric, problem is, he had no idea how to play lead guitar
I only know how to play rhythm guitar and meanwhile, I've been getting away just playing powerchords for every song, but now, it's just getting stale if you kwim
SO I need your guys help on how to make original riffs, be aware that this is Christian music and there's barely any lead guitar tabs online, mostly just chords
How would you make a riff in the key of G? Techniques on how to come up with riffs? Leave any piece of advice down below, any help will be greatly appreciated, and thank you.
Learn the major and minor scales of G. A simple Google search will suffice. Also learn the pentatonic and the minor blues scale for added measure. Then just mess around with those.
Well if this is a praise song you'd be best off with a major key. Start with the simple, reliable G major and just play a few runs through it at first. Since I'm guessing you won't have to rip it up for any longer than a few minutes at a time, find a position higher down (if you're soloing) and get comfortable with it. If that's not working, just get some pentatonic runs down starting at the 15th fret (which would be a G an octave down) on the low E string and stay in that position, moving up and down the strings and bending here or there for some flair. Nothing too complicated or insane.
As for riff making, try... hmmm... making up progressions with power chords in G I guess. So start off with G5, then C5, D5, maybe a little twangy fill that involves hammering from C to D on the D string, then repeat. If that's stale, then arpeggiate those chords at random. I don't know, I'm pretty much writing down whatever comes in my head here. Hope this helps and ask away if anything's not clear (which I'm guessing involves a lot of the things I said :S I should stop rambling so much)
Are you able to hear a melody over the song in your head? If so just go with trying to replicate the melody with your guitar. If not, try breaking apart a chorus or verse, add a few notes or do what sounds good.

One thing to remember ascending and/or descending melodies are key to a good lead. I don't essentially mean you run a scale up or down the fret board. You can backtrack and skip notes but as so that they form an ascending or descending patter.

When i dont know what to do for leads or get tired of my ideas I always rely on my friend phrasing. Kurt cobain did it some. If you arent sure listen to smells like teen spirit and soak that in.
Follow the vocal melody?
Dude, there is no "distinction" between rhythym and lead, i hate when people say that lol that they're different, they're not.
Listen to a verse or chorus of the song, and then try play it on the guitar. If you don't know what I mean, Listen to the Smells Like Teen Spirit solo, It's the verse of the song, play in guitar form, if that makes any sense at all?
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