I am still currently learning my first song. However, I have come across a problem with my pick. About half way through the song, I notice I start losing grip of the pick. I hold the pick between my thumb and index finger. I try to hold it tighter but to no avail so far. Do you think there is something I could improve on or is it a matter of just practicing more?
Practicing I guess. You have to make sure that the force you're applying on your index with your thumb to hold the pick should touch just above the underside of the joint. Washing and then completely drying your hand might help if it's a sweat issue.
Also checkout some of the various picks that have a grip on them. I had the same problem for a while, switched to star picks and haven't had much of a problem since. Some of us are just wired to have things slip lol.

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don't worry... it's just practice. The way someone picks it's very personal, even though there are some generalities, you're gonna develop your own way you'll feel comfortable with it. And the sliperry thing, happens all the time to everyone, you'll see that after a while you gonna be correcting the pick position without even noticing it.
God luck with your first song... I stil remember mine :B
A tighter grip is bad. It causes excess tension. You don't need to squeeze it. Try carving some ridges into it with a small knife. Or skateboard grip tape works wonders also.
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Well if what you're learning is strumming chords, annd it's just your first song, I think you'll work it out in a short time.

Although onestly, it's hard to think of a reason for this to happen to you, especially when you grip tighter. By the way, gripping too tight will increase tension in your hand which is among the first factors to ruin ones playing, in every aspect of it. So you'd probably be better off finding another solution.
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I'm still having this issue, but it helps if you find a pick that's got abit of grip of it, picks are very cheap, dont be afraid to experiment.
You'll find the plasticy shiny ones have less grip than say one witha dedicated grip spot on it.
It's just practice I have the same problem, but I find it better and easier as you go on, because I was a finger picker.