So I posed this question a while back, and got a lot of good replies. I figured, since that thread has died, I'll start a new one. Hopefully this isn't against any rules to make a second of the same thread, but we'll see. So, what is your favorite guitar, out of every guitar you have ever played. Mine is my Epiphone dot I upgraded with a Seymour Duncan sh-4 in the bridge and sperzels. I don't know why, but I just can't find another guitar like it. So what is your all time favorite? Post a picture, if you can.
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This thread is a bit useless but I'll play anyway

Gibson ES-335

And FIRST!(if this thread goes anywhere)
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Once i get to play the same model John Scofield uses... it's a Ibanez Jazz Guitar semi acoustic, not sure the model. I just can't describe it with words.
Me & My Ric.

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The original thread died because the topic is stupid.
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The original thread died because the topic is stupid.

Your right. End this while it is still young.