hey there. i'm a lyricist/vocalist that's just moved back to the States a few months ago, and i'm looking to get involved with a new project. most recently i was the vocalist for the melodic hardcore band Iron Golem in the UK.

i'm in the process of doing guest vocals on a track for a melodic hardcore band in NYC. this is a roughdraft recording (shitty firstrun vocals, placeholder drums), but it's decent enough to let you hear what i sound like. all the vocals are me, and all were laid last week, so it's as recent as possible. doing real vocals and drums within the next week, so i'll update the link when that's finished. volume up!

however, my roots are in post-metal/post-hardcore, and i want to return to them. if you're familiar with any of the bands on hydra head / constellation / moment of collapse / neurot / shelsmusic / pelagic records, you know the sort of music i'm talking about.

i'm currently in San Diego, CA. i can do online vocals for a casual band, or i can move anywhere within the US/Canada for a band that's serious enough.

if you and/or your band would like to work together, link me to some of your recent material, and we'll take it from there.

hope to hear from you soon!
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