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how far is too far? what do you do to make the time go by? is it against traffic or with traffic and does that make a difference in how long you're willing to go?
15-20 minutes to school.
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like 5 minute drive

30-45 minute walk

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15-20 minute drive to school. Not to bad, and there is no traffic.

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10 miles away from where I live, in the neighboring town.
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15 mins to walk to school. People act like I live 10 miles away when I tell them this.
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Anywhere from 10 to 20 to get to work (I drive a little fast) and its a 30-40 minute bus ride or ~20 minute drive to school.
finished school and in the process of looking for a job.
school was 20 minutes (by car) away
I do sorta work in the local music store - 40 minute walk
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Car: 15-40 mins
Bus: 25-45 mins
Walking: 60-90 mins (depending on rain) but I never walk because I don't like walking on freeways

and then an additional 5-20 mins to get to class once I'm on campus
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1 minute walk to school.

It imagine it sucks to live across the street from school. I'd hate it.

It's about a 30 to 40 minute subway ride and about 3 hours walking.
12-15 minute walk to class. I work on campus, so it's about the same for that.
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5 minute drive to work
25-40 minute drive to school (there are 2 different campuses)
bout 15-20 minutes to school, depending on what time I leave or which way I go..

Bout 5 to work in my Corolla, bout 7-8 in my subaru.
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25-30 min subway in the morning but if I try to get home during rush hour it might take an hour or so...
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5 minute bus ride. Max.
Well a daily commute for me takes about an 60-75 minutes to get to school.

And personally, I loathe commuting into Boston everyday

EDIT: I take the subway. To pass the time I listen to music, or read, or play games on my Ipod
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For M/W/F: I leave the house by 8, get to campus around 10.
T/TH: Leave by 7:30, get on campus around 9:15. Almost two hours either way.

Makes no sense that I take the express train on T/TH and spend almost the same time commuting. The morning drive to the station is much slower in that 30 minutes prior.
15 minute drive to school with light traffic. I prefer a longer drive over a short one though, gives me more time to think about stuff.
15 minutes to the subway which brings me two stops to my school, so about 20-25 minutes in total.

It's a bitch in the rain and snow, but the weather has been mild this semester. Last year sucked.

It's not too bad, I just listen to my iPod the whole way..
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2 hour bus ride to community college. I have to switch busses halfway and theres a 40 min wait for the other one so Im counting that too.
It's about a 10-15 minute drive to work, and honestly I kinda wish it was longer. I spent a year commuting 45 minutes+ each way every day to uni, and having that long drive to wake me up in the morning was great compared to now when I see it appear over the hill and just go "shit I'm not ready to be at work yet."

It's awesome in that I can go home for lunch and don't have to wait long after work to get home though.


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45-60 minutes public commute (bus and trains) on an average day. On days where my classes start at times where there are a lot of people, it can take upwards to 90 minutes because of all the waiting.

I used to listen to music and stare into space or play games on my phone, but recently I've started watching weird stuff on my phone on the way there, mostly a Japanese game show called Gaki no Tsukai.
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About a 3 - 5 minute walk to school.

About a 15 minute walk to work, in the summer. In the winter, around 25.
Driving, about 3 - 5 minutes to work.
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20 minute drive on a good morning, 30 or so on the drive back. Nothing too bad.

Screw oil companies though.
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every night
about 25 minutes to work

20 if I drive like an asshole
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8-15 minute drive to school depending on traffic.
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10 minute drive to the train, and 50-60 minute train ride and 5 minute or so walk to campus from the train, or like 60 minute drive.
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