I recorded this about 2 years ago. I originally didn't like the mix so I put it on the back burner for a while and proceeded with other songs. Recently I re-discovered it and decided to remix it and give it life again.
Here is what I used:
DKFH for drums
Lepoulin amp sims
LeCab for cab sim impulses
Guitar Rig 4 for Bass
Vanguard VST for Synth
Halion VST for Piano

This is my first post and glad to be apart of the community. Looking forward to hearing everyone elses stuff on here. I need new music daily.
Nice guitar tone. That opening riff has a lot energy. The drums are really well done, too. I like the sound a great deal. The piano adds a lot to the atmosphere for me, as do the strings in the background.

I feel like this track has a lot of potential. As it is, I like it a great deal. My biggest complaint is that you seem to spend most of your time on that open chugging when there's a lot more you could be doing melodically to create a stronger composition while still keeping that really percussive element. Adding vocals would definitely help, as would expanding that piano melody. Maybe chuck a straight triplet pattern over that breakdown riff to create a polyrhythm feel? I'm just toying with ideas, but give those a shot and see how you like them.

If you want to, check out the album in my sig.