I bought a used Jap Strat on CL a while ago and recently switched out the pickup. So looking inside the guitar its obviously been modded, the body has been routed to accept a humbucker in the bridge. So the bridge humbucker i took out is some sort of Gibson, its black and it had a pickup cover on it. Other than the Gibson USA logo on the cover, there are no marks, numbers, or anything on the pickup, is there any way i could identify what pickup it is or where it came from?
pics please
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Okay so it's black and had a pickup cover that said Gibson on it.

Sounds like a Gibson humbucker. Probably came from a factory.
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pics or its a squire.
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Its the bridge pickup, i'll get a closer picture tomorrow

Im almost positive its unidentifiable from a picture alone, what i want to know is if theres any other way to tell, i doubt there is though
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