Okay, first of all cool pic!
Intro, like the feel, maybe a little less reverb on the kick? Because the kick sounds really tight, i would go with floor toms for those beginning accents, but cool.
Once it starts at 0:20 really nice vibe, you can feel the tension building, 1:00 , i love the synth brass, cool feeling, reminds me of a certain mars volta part, and thats good
Then it breaks down again at 1:40, acoustic sounds nice and crispy ,how'd you record it?
At around 02:20 i like the change in feel, 02:30 it gets even better. But then it builds up to 03:01 and that part felt a bit dissapointing, i was hoping for a little bit more drive!
03:32 cool organ sounds, great vibe! At around 4:45 reminds me of coheed and cambria, nice feel. Then the violin solo, i'm guessing its an electric violin, i dont like the tone, it sounds too thin, i have an electric stagg violin myself, and i hate the tone.
Then around 05:42 the acoustic, again i love how it sounds! Then by the end, it left me wanting one more outburst
Overall, some cool parts with unique feels, nice sounding guitars, the electric ones as well as the nice crispy acoustics, good mix, not too crazy about the violin tone, and there were 2 parts where i hoped for a little more drive! But nice track, really nice !
If you find some time to check out something i made, it would be greatly appreciated!
right over here
The acoustic was recorded with SCT700 from about one or 1½ feet away. I don't think I really did anything else to it. To me it's a bit too boomy so I just ordered a small diaphragm mike to bring out the high end more.

The kick actually to me sounds quite nice with the reverb. That's what I meant to have it sound.

I agree what you said about that part at round 3 min... but I just rushed it and didn't know what to do with it after that.

The violin... I didn't record it sooo...I couldn't really do too much about it. It's still an actualy violin, so, I count that as a plus!
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I really like the intro a lot. That opening riff hits all the right places for me. Those horns sound pretty cool to me; I like the effect that other instruments have when they interact with distorted guitars.

The acoustic recording sounds really sparkly and professional to me.

The violin is pretty poorly recorded. The tone is really shrill and it sounds like the player isn't confident in his dynamics or his intonation. If the player had some more balls, it would sound fuller; if you bow too lightly improperly, you get a really shrill tone.

Good composition, but the recording on the violin was really poor. If it had the same quality as the guitar (especially dat acoustic.....), this would have been an amazing song, but as it was, that transition was really hurt by the shrill sound the violin got.

If you want, check out the album in my sig.
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