I do it, and I guess I'm okay at it. Are there any tips that could make me better at it?
Lot's of practise. It can be much harder due the fact that the rhythm you need to lock down and the sung melody will probably have little in common.
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Practice multitasking. Get your brain used to thinking about two completely independent things at once, without confusing itself.

Sure, you might know the song by heart. Your fingers might be on autopilot the entire way through a song. You still have to consciously make an effort to stay in time with the drums. That will take some independent thought separate from your vocals.

If the bass and drums aren't locked in the song falls apart. There isn't much room for error here. It's not as forgiving as guitar.
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You need to know the vocal and bass parts perfectly separately. It also depends what type of music you're playing. It's much easier to play a driving root-note-based rock bassline while singing than it is to play a soul or disco bassline and croon.

The tricky one is playing and singing in complex compound time. 11/8 is not the one.
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I always just learn the bass part until it's entirely instinctual and requires zero focus or thought. Once I'm at that point, it's pretty easy to sing while playing.

If I'm not that comfy with a song, my sung part will usually come out as a natural harmony to the lead vox, somehow built out of the notes I'm playing on bass. That's fun unless you want to sing lead or the song requires a different, set harmony part.
There is nothing special about singing and playing bass at the same time, just do it, the more you do it the better you'll get, unless you're tone deaf.
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