for the past month I've been playing and practicing up to 6-7 hours a day, regularly doing streches before and after every practice session. Yesterday I decided to take a two days off and installed prince of persia to play during that time, and after a couple hours of playing the game I got a pain in my wrist similar to pain when I get sometimes from overpracticing legato. I decided not to play game because I was affraid to get carpal tunel syndrom. Is it possible from playing computer game to get it?
If you're genuinely concerned then go to a doctor.

With the best will in the world you're not going to get one bit of useful information from this thread, even a qualified physiotherapist isn't going to be able to make a diagnosis over an internet forum.
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Granted I can't make a diagnosis but I've had similar problems caused from work and have seen health-care professionals about it. If you're experiencing pain in your hands or numbness it's generally a good idea to stop what you're doing and if it persists see a doctor. Any repetitive motion that involves bending the wrists and/or using a pinch grip can cause serious damage in the long term.

But of course I don't know anything about your case and I don't have any medical qualifications but if any of this sounds familar you should definatly consult a professional.
Repetitive stress injuries can be caused by any number of activities. In your case practicing 6 or 7 hours puts you on the verge certainly. How much guitar playing abstinence will bring symptomatic relief, is partly dependent on your age.

My feeling is that playing the game isn't the cause, but rather an extended symptom from your excesses with the guitar.

I know you would most like to hear it's from the game only, but I seriously doubt that. All in all, I think in your case, the video game is, "just another brick in thewall".

With that said, prolonged "mousing", can bring on carpal tunnel, usually in people that do it 6 or 7 hours a day. Sound familiar? See a doctor. You can get it bagging groceries too. Still you should see a doctor.

It's a terrible thing, but as they say, "man's reach always exceeds his grasp". Doubly ironic in your predicament. See a doctor.

Will suggesting that 3 times be the charm?
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I think I remember reading somewhere that regardless if you use your hands or not some people will still get it and even if you use your hands all the time you might not ever get it. Just because you got a pain in your wrist doesn't mean its anything to worry about unless its happening a lot. But really, I guess the only way to really know for sure is to go to the doctor.
By the way I all better now today, but yesterday wasn't so fun really, I was hurting bad. I guess that means no more gaming and resting from guitar 3-4 extra days.