Hey Guys, I'm a beginner looking forward for a les paul Junior, but there's three, so i want to know their difference except the price

Les Paul Junior and Les Paul Junior faded they both have an p-90 pickup, so i want to know what's their difference?

Les Paul Junior

Les Paul Junior Faded

And Billie Joe's Les Paul Junior has an H-90 pickup, is it really different from p-90?

Billie's Les paul Junior

What will u suggest, Plz Help!!!!!
I wouldnt buy any of those to be frank. What sort of music do you play and what is your budget?
I would not buy billie's just want to know the diffence, either normal junior or faded, just want to know their difference, which is better?
The Faded and normal ones are pretty much the same besides the finish IIRC. The BJA Sig has a different pickup (which isn't that great so I've heard) and of course his name, hence the difference in price.