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Hey Guys, I'm a beginner looking forward for a les paul Junior, but there's three, so i want to know their difference except the price

Les Paul Junior and Les Paul Junior faded they both have an p-90 pickup, so i want to know what's their difference?

Les Paul Junior

Les Paul Junior Faded

And Billie Joe's Les Paul Junior has an H-90 pickup, is it really different from p-90?

Billie's Les paul Junior

What will u suggest, Plz Help!!!!!
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i suggest to buy a guitar with bridge and neck pickups
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I wouldnt buy any of those to be frank. What sort of music do you play and what is your budget?
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I would not buy billie's just want to know the diffence, either normal junior or faded, just want to know their difference, which is better?
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The Faded and normal ones are pretty much the same besides the finish IIRC. The BJA Sig has a different pickup (which isn't that great so I've heard) and of course his name, hence the difference in price.
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