Nice sounding guitars on the intro, then drums come in, sound good, i'm guessing midi drums? I like what theyre doing, but i would maybe drop the snare just a couple dB.
Then the part at 0:45 sounds good but i would have liked it if the drums did something a little different, the bass doesnt really get enough room to breathe.
The parts at 01:08 and 02:02 are cool, like it!
Then the little cut out around 01:18 nice, i'm digging the sound of the guitars, nice panning, it sound very full!
The second time it bursts loose, you added an extra layer, gives it extra depth, good stuff!

Great track, guitars sound good, rich and full, well panned and eq'd!
Only downside is that the track misses a part that breaks free from the rest, it almost feels like one long verse at times, but its a good track none the less!

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nice stuff dude, wicked guitar vibe and drum groove. I love when everything cuts out, then kicks straight back in, very cool. For a song that repeats the same chord structure for its entireity i dont find it boring, and thats saying something. the way you've worked the builds and the drops makes this brilliant, i like. and the weird sounds in the outro are very cool.

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