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Ruby amp
0 0%
Smokey amp
0 0%
Noisy cricket II
1 20%
Other. Pls specify..
4 80%
Voters: 5.
us guitarist needs an amplifier to enjoy it.. acoustics without it can enjoy it, but how about electric guitarists? we cant bring our amp when traveling that is why ruby amp or smokey or noisy cricket mini amp is created..

so let me know which of these is the best... which of these sound more rocker.. which of these sound more acoustics... which has more gain....

pls answer my 3 question if cant then leave it alone...
Can't say I know anything about those amplifiers you listed, but I would say that the Orange Dark Terror is pretty badass, concidering the price and size of it.

But of course, the best thing is to get out there yourself and find out which one you prefer the most.
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