Hello everyone, we've Virtues Must Live and we've uploaded two new songs recently that we'd like you to come and listen to and give us some feedback. We're kind of like Foo Fighters meets Taking back sunday.

Click to listen to Virtues Must Live

Come and Judge us. Drop us a like if you like us. Flame me if you hate us.

You're pretty good, actually, nice to see a band from Newcastle that isn't a hardcore or indie act. I'm a bit sick of our 'music scene' at the minute.
@Teninchclock (See what you did there with the username) Thanks man, the scene's interesting at the minute, it's definitely at two polar extremes, All things come around in time! Come like the facebook page and drop us a message and i'll see if i can hook you up with tickets for our gig at the sage, It's part of a showcase of Newcasltes music, it's a really good mix of artists and hopefully it'll repair your faith in the scene!!
Haha, hopefully I can make it like, I'll have to see when I'm working first, which is especially confusing, since I'm switching jobs and such. But I liked your facebook when I listened to the tracks
My band just got finished recording a few songs in a studio about 2 hours ago, when we eventually get the final mixes back, I'll give you a link to our fb page, and maybe we can play a show together in the near future? :P
Bump for a pretty tight band
(on a side note, our songs are up now, check in my signature, and listen to Operation: Deduction first).
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