Please leave this up, Mods- at least for a little bit.

I don't know what else to do to contact you. I know you've signed up several weeks ago, and while I'm happy to have you as a student, I have sent you several emails through my rnbacademy.com email address, to the email that you registered and paid through, that you don't seem to be getting at all. I've also sent and tracked a PM through here and it still shows that you apparently haven't received/seen it.

So, just so you know, I havent ignored you, but I am trying to help you and reach you.

1. Check your spam filter on your primary email

2. Check your profile on UG, you have mail.



(If anyone else has information on how to contact him, please advise. He's paid me good money to help him, and I'm trying my best to reach him to do just that.)
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Hi Sean

For some strange reason i have not recieved any emails or private messages. I will private message you my email to make sure its the correct one.

I have been busy the last few weeks due to exams but i've now got the time to do your lessons.

EDIT: I have got the pm you sent me, for some reason it wasn't saying i had mail at the top of the screen.

many thanks
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