hi friends

i want to buy a epiphone guitar.

help me choose

Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon Casino

Epiphone 50th Anniversary1961 Casino TDV

Epiphone Dot

Epiphone Casino with Bigsby - Limited Edition

Epiphone Sheraton II

Epiphone 50th Anniversary1961 Casino TD

thanks i dont know what to do....
Budget? - What is practical for you and what is your limit?

Favorite Artists? - Are there any guitarists whose tone that you'd like to get close to?

Preferences? - What body shapes, neck profiles, brands, and number of frets do you like/want?

Pickups? - Do you want actives, passives, humbuckers, single coils? What configuration are you looking for?

New or Used? - Lots of great guitars out there used, and a guaranteed way to get the most bang for your buck.

Location? - Where are you located? The more detail you can give us, the more we can help you. We aren't here to stalk you but we need to know where you are in the world roughly, because prices and markets fluctuate throughout the world, and we can help further if we know what city you are in to see what used gear is available near you (ie craigslist, local shops, Guitar Center used section, etc).

Current Gear? - Also good for us to know.

i'm going to buy a new one and i'm going to pick from the list above.... i like the beatels and oasis and stuff i want to get as close as i can to that sound of them....

I have an Epiphone Sheraton II and love it. Mine is a 1994 from Korea. Very versatile guitar that is capable of playing many different styles. Pretty low action, which I like. Not as low as my Fender Stratocaster, but lower than my Epiphone Les Paul.

I found mine used with a hard shell case for $350, which I considered to be a great deal.
Those guitars are all very similar and all of them will do "the beatels and oasis and stuff". Pick whichever fits into your budget best/you like the look of most. Though there are differences between them, for that kind of music they are all equally capable.
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Well of youve tried them all and like them all equally and genuinely think theyre all as good as each other then go for the cheapest!
If you want a Beatles/Oasis sound you're going to need an AC15/30 or one of those old Marshalls that Noel Gallagher used/uses.
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That's a lovely assortment of instruments from which to choose. I recently obtained a 1987 Epiphone Sheraton (Korean) and it is the first imported instrument I've owned that felt close to an American made instrument in quality. I've yet to own a Chinese instrument that was worth all that much, though to be fair, they usually don't cost much either.

Find a used instrument from your list. Used instruments have had all the bugs worked out and are played in a bit. Shop carefully and you'll save a bit of money, too.