Do any of you know where these Laney amps are manufactured? Do any of you own a Laney amp, and would you recommend one of them for a gigging classic rock/prog/hard rock guitarist? I personally like the VC-30 212 best atm. but I am not sure if I should buy it over the Peavey Classic 30.
All of them are made in the UK. I own a LC15R and is a great amp but not the best for high gain, I use it for playing alternative, latin, blues... and it sounds really good but not stellar. The VC30 is a lot better amp and I will take it above the Peavey Classic 30 (don't get me wrong, the Peavey is such a nice amp but i prefer the Laney better). The best way you will figure this out is trying both, who knows, maybe you will prefer the Peavey.

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Yeah, your opinion is very much like mine, I think the Laney has a better tone in general. The only problem I have, is that there's no Laney dealer nearby, so I have to buy it online when I'll get to that point. Thank you for that.
i have a laney LC030-2 112, its a rocking little amp, really good cleans, nice overdrive, with a boost it can almost make it to metal but not quite, but its a great amp. Go with a laney, you wont be disappointed
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I bought my VC30 online, un-played and haven't regretted it. I do still need a pedal to get the gain levels I like but the cleans are beautiful. The only issue I've had is that I've never been able to crank the volume over 5 as it's too loud.

I would suggest having a look at the Bugera V22 aswell as it is another great option that can reach higher gain.
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i think they're still made in the UK (?) but the pcbs might be put together in china (think i heard that somewhere, but don't quote me).

are you in the UK (EDIT: oh right, denmark, still, thomann ships there too )? how much are you getting one for? I always preferred the vc30 to the lc30, but at the price they go for now you can more or less get a traynor ycv50b from thomann, which is probably a better amp.
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