...when did they start shipping to the UK???

Looks like some of the manufacturers are being a little tetchy so there's not an awful lot of guitars, but still.
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I recently got a pop-up that they were shipping to Holland as well. I guess they're trying to cover Europe entirely. In my book they'll always have a mark down from Thomann or Musicstore Köln though.
some of their purchase agreements forbid overseas sales, others don't.

so it's by brand is my guess and not across the board.

to answer your question, recently.
Getting GC in Europe is like getting Olive Garden or Wal-Mart. What's it really worth anyway?

I'm sure there are loads of good music shops all over Europe, so why go to a corporate box if you don't have to?
They've had a UK portion and shipping on their site for a few months now.

But there's sod-all in it. Almost none of the GC-exclusive models, and what there is there is priced a little high. Still might as well just use dv247/andertons/gak/etc.
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