Hey guys!

I'm really getting into country music atm! And I would love to be able to blast some out myself! So. Could you recommend any cool country songs, with some cool riffs or licks, I could learn?
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Check out the intro to Jason Aldean's The Truth.

Keith Urban's Only You Can Love Me This Way has a really cool repeating riff throughout the song. If you can't figure out how to play it, just ask. Kiss A Girl, by the same artist, also has some cool guitar work in it.

If you're into LeAnn Rimes, check out her song called Blue. This one uses a lot of cool dominant 7 chords, which gives it a unique sound. I have a tab on UG for that one.

Kind of hard to pick one song in particular, but Rascal Flatts has produced some awesome tunes that are a blast to play along.

1.learn it
2.play it
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