So this is my first project. I just got a hum bucker that I am wanting to to put in the bridge and that would be my only pickup! I guess all I would need is just a single tone and a single volume knobs right? Also does anyone have any wiring schematics just for a single hum bucker?
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literally google it. And I'd say **** the tone and keep it with just a volume, I made a guitar like that awhile back with a crappy start and a EMG. I hate EMGs but the body wasn't good quality wood so I figured if EMGs sound the same in every guitar, then why not this one? But I digress.
I'm sure you could just google a single pickup wiring diagram, or look on either SeymourDuncan.com or Dimarzio.com for their wiring diagrams.
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Tom Delonges' signature Strat only had a single hum and i think only a single volume (tone control is usually useless anyway). Not sure about wiring though
Thank you guys! Sorry for my ignorance. I just think to myself "has to do with something musical just go to UG."I forget google even exists sometimes(subconsciously).
If you go for a passive sort of pickup like a Seymour or a Dimarzio instead of an EMG do this one.


This way you can just pull the vol. knob and get single coil-ish kinda sound for when you need to get softer quickly.
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