I'm researching 12 string electric pedals/effects. I've seen/been told that McGuinn used a "jangle" box and compressor with the Ric for most of the Byrds recordings. Assuming "jangle" means to expand certain freqs.

Seems to this pedal noob that a lot of those offered do *almost* the same thing as each other. Is there another, new and improved name for that jangle effect?
I guess it's just that I'm finding it hard to pin down all the subjective tags for tones/sounds...bright, sparkle, shimmering,, crunch/y... as they would apply to the sound I'm looking for.

BTW: I'm looking for entry-level price point. Spending more on an effect than any one component of my rig is silly, IMHO Ten dollar Danelectros occasionally show up in the used-bin at the local GC...never the ones I wana try, tho!
A Janglebox is a compressor. You really don't need to do a whole lot with a 12-stringer to make it sound like that. Just a decent clean amp and perhaps a bit of compression. Nearly any compressor will do it.
Gee, andrerist..yer right! So involved with specs, grammar,spelling and composition, I forgot the *specific* question
I wanna emulate the sorta sound The Byrds had. WHat current offerings would do that and what are those effects currently called?


So, Roc..... Is it a question of what was available at that time that there were two "compressors" used; or more a function of which was called what?

The gear in question sounds brite and treble-y enuff until pushed harder. The sound gets sorta melded together and definition is lost the harder I drive the strings. Comparative guess is that it sounds more like a keyboard chiming the chord.... kinda "mushy" , losing any individual string sounds.
Clear as mud, huh?
Scooping out the mids, taking the treble to 11, decreasing/increasing the bass have all the same effect in varying degrees.

Guess now it's just a matter of figuring out which compressor?
There are two kinds of compressor - a regular compressor, and a compressor/sustainer. You can make a compressor/sustainer just do compression.

I think you're getting hung up on the idea of a "Janglebox." There's no species of effect called a Janglebox. It's like calling a guitar an "axe" or a coke a "soda pop." It's just another slang name for the effect, it doesn't actually describe anything. A Janglebox is a compressor/sustainer.

To make things a bit confusing, there is actually a company that makes a compressor called the Janglebox. It is, however, just a regular compressor/sustainer.

As far as compressor/sustainers go, the Boss CS-3 and the Electro-Harmonix Soul preacher are good introductions. You can always spend a lot of money on a Comp, but it's probably a good idea to start with one of those before deciding you need a Keeley 4-knob.