My Epiphone's neck cracked. I don't know whether to get it repaired, or save up for the GRG170DX. I can get for £200 in a nearby store.

What do you think?
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That's what.

Any Ibanez guitar that starts with "G" would be a step down. Ibanez GIO guitars are crap, and that's coming from a guy who's favorite stage guitar is a $125 Squier Affinity Strat (with some modifications, of course).
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i suggest you kill your brother, sand down your guitar, and repaint it with his blood

Or just buy a Steve Vai DNA Ibanez--they mixed his blood in the paint and you won't risk getting charged with murder. I'm sure it's much cheaper in the long run, no matter what it costs.
I believe GIO's are not THAT bad. I own an Ibanez GRG121 (fixed bridge) and i still play it a lot even though i have much superior guitars. Mine holds tuning REALLY well, even better than much more expensive guitars.
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The GRG170DX was my first guitar and it's still one of my favorites to play. It holds tuning really well, the body wood is passable, and with a pup swap, it's a really solid workhorse guitar. I've got a couple recordings up on here (Rain and Dying in your Arms by Trivium) that I used that guitar for. It's a really solid instrument once you get rid of those shitty Ibanez pups.

What model is your Epi? If it's a guitar you really like playing, then it'd be better to get it repaired than buy a whole new guitar; if it's not one that you're too terribly fond of, I'd get the Ibanez as long as you liked the feel of it.
To each his own. Like I said, I like Squiers. Sure, I had to have the neck shimmed, replace the pups and electronics, and the tuners. When 2 of the tuner housings snapped, I replaced them all with Fender/Schaller lockers; now the guitar plays better than my MIA Strat.

It holds tune well, too. Last time I tuned it was 4 weeks ago and I did 3 shows since then. Out of the case it's a few cents off, but a quick snap of the trem and it's perfect.

Other than the look and feel of these GIOs, the other thing that turns me off to them is that I've seen so many in pawn shops, selling for $75 - $125, but not moving. I saw a bunch of them not sell in 2 years.

What I don't understand is why someone would get one when they can get a half-way decent RG for not much more money. Sure, at that price-point you'll probably need to upgrade the pups anyway, but then again I have friends who replace the DiMarzios on RG Prestiges, too.

But hey, whatever floats your boat; just don't want to have people doing something they later regret because they weren't informed. Wish someone had warned me about "Marshall" MG amps before I bought mine.