I am getting a Taylor 316ce (unless a Martin really impresses me next time I go to the shop) and I need an acoustic amp. I am considering the ZT Lunchbox acoustic amp because it is so portable and 200watts. Now I have heard various comments saying that the wattage does not correlate with decibels specifically. Still it is like 130 decibels which is very loud anyway. So I am just wondering if anyone has played one and what you think of them because the youtube reviews are not that great?

130 decibels is way more than you will ever need. ever.

go to a shop and try amps out. although the ZT lunchbox seems really cool.
I thought it was terrible. The wattage is irrelevant when it's being pushed through that tiny little speaker. I didn't try the acoustic version, but the electric one was just such an enormous piece of crap that I can't imagine the acoustic is much more tolerable. If you really have to have an amp that weighs less than 10 pounds, it might be your only option, but there are an awful lot of reasonably small and light amps out there that actually sound good.
i suppose ^ but a lot of acoustic amps have smaller speakers. the bad thing is my local shop only has like 4 acoustic amps and not this one so I would have to order it.
The smaller Fishman model seems to be the goto amp for acoustic. I've heard it in person and it has a nice full sound compared to some of the others I've heard.
Buy a PA and a DI box? A better investment methinks.
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