A friend of mine upgraded all of his pedals and sold me his ones. Never really played with pedal before what order do I put them in. What would be the last pedal that gets connected into amp?

1- Boss RC-3 Looper
2- Tuning pedal
3- Delay pedal
4- Distortion pedal
5- Acoustic simulator
6- Chorus pedal

Please any help you can give me would be great. Thanks guys.
You are definitely going to want to do your tuner first and your chorus and delay last.

Your tuner should have the rawest sound going into it and nothing distorted so you get an easy tuning process. The chorus and delay are what I call "after effects" or the "post" effects as they don't change the tone, they change the timing.

I am not too familiar with acoustic simulators or loopers, but I am assuming the looper should go dead last, after the post effects.

As far as your distortion goes, depending on your distortion, it should go after the tuner and before the post effects. Your amp should be on a clean channel and the distortion pedal will spike your gain.

Hope this helps!!
I'd try the tuner in the middle or dead last. I'd say Guitar - Acoustic Simulator - Distortion/OD - Chorus - Delay - Boss RC-3 Looper - Tuner. Also try what the other guy said and see what works best.