So basicly, how do i prevent the settings on my pedals to get changed if i bring them to a gig or travel? How do i prevent anything from touching the knobs? Is there any types guards for this? What does professionals do?
Masking tape is the generally accepted method.
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gaffer tape.
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Just write them down on a piece of paper and if they get changed, take out the paper and change the settings back.
Get a rack and use MIDI.
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Almost every pro rig I've ever seen has had masking tape with the positions of the knobs (look like a clock with one hand) drawn on them. Just put the strip of tape under the knobs (or over depending on pedal layout) and draw each setting right under (over) the knob.
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just take a sharpie and make a little mark where you keep each knob set. that way even if you knock a pedal you'll know right where it was
I use electrical tape with sharpie lines on :p
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Put a small piece of masking tape on the face of each pedal and mark with a Sharpie where to set the nob. Watch a few rig rundowns on premier guitar. Almost every tech that they talk with has done this. It isn't pretty, but it works!

Also, put them all on a pedal board. It will save your settings, decrease set up/tear down time, and make having wires and pedals to deal with WAY less annoying.

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Removing the knobs is always a good option if you don't foresee tinkering with it much in the future.

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the masking tape with settings works, but something else that works well/better is to put tape on the knobs after you have them set where you like, and then make a line going straight up on the tape. That way you know all the knobs are right when all of the lines are pointed straight up.
Put a small piece of masking tape on the face of each pedal and mark with a Sharpie where to set the nob. Watch a few rig rundowns on premier guitar.(Invalid img)