So I've been doing a lot of experimenting with mixing, since I am relatively uneducated in the topic. So I have mixed one of my tracks by myself, and used EZ Mix 2 on it.

I'm not all sure about the things I am saying and am not sure how to really explain myself, so questions are welcome.

My mix, I recorded the distortion guitar straight from the podx3 to Reaper and just adjusted the EQ.

With EX mix, I recorded the distortion guitar straight from the pod and just added "Guitar Bus" from EZMIX.

Riff at 2:56 demos both sounds well IMO

My Mix: http://soundcloud.com/mrsanjaykumar/unidentified-derelict-vessel-1

EZMIX2: http://soundcloud.com/mrsanjaykumar/udv-ezmix
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Tbh I think the EZ mix sounds alright. A tad on the harsh side, but it works.
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Its good man, what's your EQ like?
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EZ Mix actually sounds surprisingly good. It's definitely clearer than the original, and more than passable for demos.
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