Title says it all. Since I've gotten my 7 string I feel like the B string is pretty much useless. I've tried some AAL and while their music is really difficult, I can play it for the most part. I want to be able to use my guitar for something other than chugging really low rhythms.

Acoustic, classical, whatever, just anything besides metal. I don't have that broad of a music spectrum so I don't have that many options. I'm looking for any suggestions.
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Stevevai and joe satriani have some 7 string songs
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Innovate it. Play some blues and use that b as a bass note or something man. Can't expect people to have already done eveything.
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Pretty sure that's what they were originally invented for.

Either that or I made it all up.
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Celtic folk ... with the right tuning :-)

I'm quite sure you can play bagpipe tunes on a 7 string. :-)

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Pretty sure that's what they were originally invented for.

Either that or I made it all up.

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