Hey guys, just wondering, How do you play in the dark?

I see loads of bands playing in pitch black not missing a note, any tips on how to do this?


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Hey guys, just wondering, How do you play in the dark?

I see loads of bands playing in pitch black not missing a note, any tips on how to do this?



Experienced players don't look at the fretboard when they're playing, even fairly novice players can still get by with only looking occasionally.
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its a trick you should practice as a band, it makes you sooo much better at playing your songs. You will notice when it is you have to look down, and if you practice it for like 10 mins a couple times a week, you will have all the distances/hand positions memorized and then you can focus on showmanship instead of what notes/changes you need.
i actually just did that with my band last night. it wasnt great so it obviously takes some practice. a lot of fun though with a strobe light going haha
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It's just something to work on. I'm still struggling with it myself after almost 2 years playing live. I know some pros who look at the neck all the time; guess they just don't play in venues that are too dark.

But yeah, the tips above are good.
I saw an article where someone suggested blindfolding yourself and attempting to play along with your band. I s'pose just closing your eyes might be doable if your not going to peek everyone once in a while!
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Thank you very much guys, ill just play the songs loads and memorize
me and my band some times practice with all the lights out, mostly to lean how to listen but playing without seeing your guitar works the same way
After playing for so many hundreds of hours, the guitar becomes so second nature that you know exactly where you are on the neck without looking.

The guitar becomes part of you
When you pratice try playing in low to minimal light conditions IE at night with the lights off, and yeah, know your guitar so well that it's merely an extension of you like your arms or legs, I know almost exactly where I am on guitar just by feeling the strings agaisnt my fingers and my hand around the neck.
I used to practice an hour a day in total darkness. The only light in the room was the red light on my amp. You get used to it eventually. Now I only look at the fretboard for slides and stuff like that to make sure I'm in the proper position. Other than that, I can get by pretty easily without looking at my hands at all.
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