Thanks for the crit! I really like this track, definitely has a cool Sci-fi feel to it. What program did you use to write it?
I really loved this track. I'm a sucker for spacey sounding electro songs. What I liked about 80s music was the dark sounding songs. This reminds me of something like Major Tom or Black Sheep. I'd actually like to make some stuff like this too, perhaps I should drink more whiskey?

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1521087

Dude I love it! I've been listening to the soundtrack from the film Drive lately, and this is right up that alley. That retro 80s synth sound tingles my loins! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
It's gonna go really well in a sci-fi video game, it's got that slightly mysterious/spacey/ambient vibe.
Top stuff bloke, stick to that single malt, it produces good things!
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Haha, this is sweeet! I really get the sci-fi vibe, and it'll definitely sit well in a video game. The snare/clap thing is a tad loaded with mids for my liking and lacks any real punch, but I reckon that's a matter of taste because it sits quite well as it is. And is there even a kick drum here at all? I'd personally like to see even a vague kick to help drive the piece a little bit, as it seems kind of static at the moment. Even introducing it only in certain parts will help define the song a bit more. The pads fill out the mix well and I really like them, but is this supposed to be a background piece? There are no leads of anything to grab me, which makes me get sort of bored in the latter stages of the production.

I'd say you definitely have an effective song for purpose here though, and the production is pretty sweet