before i download it i want to check with you guys if its safe etc and is it constantly free?
Nope, not free. you gotta pay for it.

There are "other means" of obtaining it, but those are illegal. And you shouldn't do anything like that.
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Get Tux-Guitar. Quality is a little less, but you don't need the 98734095793274MB of extra junk on guitar pro.
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yeah i think so

free4evs 24/7
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Guitar pro is ok i guess but idk i guess it costs too much so i pirated it but idk it kept crashing on me idk i guess it's not worth it idk.
The RSE on gp6 is nice, but I don't know if it's worth $60. I really like the drums though. You pretty much get a decent drum machine too.
Interesting. The drums are one of the reasons I like to stick with GP5.
Not sure if a sig is a necessity.
RSE sucks, even shitty MIDI is better.
The interface on GP6 is clunky, bloated and awkward.

Get GP5, no RSE.

Only reason I got GP6 was so if anyone put up a tab in GP6, I can convert it to GP5.
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Only reason I got GP6 was so if anyone put up a tab in GP6, I can convert it to GP5.

No, it just depends on how you set it up. The default presets blow, and making logically kickass signal chains doesn't really translate to real life. If you get it TS, I can send you the preset I use, which really does sound good.
I kinda like GP6 though.
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