Pandas can Fly - Cool song dude, I liked the change between parts. I wasn't too keen on the panning drums though. The bass and drum outro was pretty wicked.

All Around - Very ambient intro, perhaps a little too much reverb? sounds good but very far away. And again with panning drums. I liked the different part in the outro, and it would've been nice if those bubbling ambient reverby echoes built up into something overtaking the guitar. Not sure if that makes sense but it sounds good in my head. :P

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Love the buried drum sound on Pandas can fly, and the whole mixing of it, really awesome track. The sample work was a nice addition too

All Around, I loved the intro, I really dig ambient music, and I would definitely listen to this. It took over my speakers, sweeping around, real great. When it mellowed out, The drums had a great sound to them again, and the song itself had me hooked. I think I prefered this one over Pandas Can Fly

Look forward to more in the future!

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