I'm tired of buying expensive guitars then being dissapointed with the sound they have. I need a guitar that can put out some absolutly merciless distortion, has a floyd rose tremelo, and just flat out looks cool. No fret buzz, nice quality fretboard, 24 frets. I also need it to have pickups that can handle some pretty out-of-the-cage harmonics.
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Look into used Ibanez RGs or Ltds. Quality guitars for cheap prices
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Tone is 90% amp and fingers.

Also this is the wrong forum for this kind of question.

Other than that you didn´t mention any budget or where you live so we can´t help you.
What about checking out John Petrucci models from Ernie Ball
Suhr guitars are also a wonderful company at many price points with 24 fret guitars
And of course, check out PRS for they will go above and beyond for you with whatever specs you need