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Something about TS and knobs
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South Park did it better.

EDIT: Turns out South Park parodied this. So please excuse my glaring ignorance.

EDIT 2: R Kelly actually released this?! Now I'm really confused.
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I think every chapter after the 5th was just him making up shit as he goes.
South Park yo.
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I think it's time you come out.

But nah, really, I read about this a few years ago. Seems really interesting and I wouldn't mind checking it out some day when I had the free time.

It's comedy gold, even if it's not supposed to be.

Apparently R Kelly has 32 more chapters written, he's just looking for someone to finance it.
I hope at least one of them features a giant fire-breathing reptile or some kind of space-squid.
Yo, I posted this on my Facebook like an hour ago. Are our minds intertwined or someshit???
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It blows Die Walküre out of the water.

Hell, it blows the entirety of Der Ring des Nibelungen out of the water. R. Kelly pisses all over R.Wagner.
Now Tom Cruise is in the Closet...

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What was the line when he found the midget?

That was hilarious.

Aw c'mon man, don't ruin the surprise.
This should be a Broadway musical.
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Interesting concept, but the same music the whole time? Just gets too boring. And I've seen like the first 4 chapters before.
I remember really liking the series when it first came out. I always had the first chapter stuck in my head. Chapters 1-7 were really great in my opinion, but anything after that just starts getting weird, and keeps getting weirder as you progress. But I will admit, though, I have seen every single chapter. Took me forever to get through it all, haha.

On another note - thanks for reminding me of all this! I haven't seen or thought of it in a long time, so I might have to take a little stroll down Nostalgia Lane tonight!
I think Trapped in the Closet is the pinnacle of human musical achievement
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It's comedy gold, even if it's not supposed to be.

Apparently R Kelly has 32 more chapters written, he's just looking for someone to finance it.

Ok now he's just riding on its success

By the way, these are the only "songs" (you can call it that, right? not just a story that is lightly sung?) I know of from him.

Oh and nobody's gonna finance a pedophile.
Reading the chapters on Wikipedia.


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Me and my girlfriend started this one night and just couldn't stop until the end. It's pretty freakin' rediculous, but an entertaining hour and a half if you have nothing to do.
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There bitches all up in this closet now im gon piss on them. And the way he says baffroom. Hahaha

Does anyone know if thats actually serious?
Thought this was going to be complete shit seeing how i don't enjoy this type of music, but i actually liked it a lot.
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Everyone watch Trapped in a cupboard. Its a Mad tv skit and its hilarious. or at least the first part of the skit was really funny. Just look it up on youtube its so funny.
I saw the skit years ago but it never crossed my mind to watch the original. I'm glad I did eventually
Classy stuff: like he tailor-made it for the Pit.
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