Hello, started working on a song. Have yet to add bass or finish the song...let me know if it sounds good enough to finish. Right now there is a verse a pre-chorus and a chorus. Someone said I sound like vampireweekend LMAO I dont know about that.

Will C4C if you leave a link. Song is called "someone else"


This is a cool track man, the drums need some compression and better EQing to really make them come to life a bit more though.
The guitar sounded spot on to me, and the vocals are absolutely fantastic, I love the effects on the backing vocals and how they were so well implemented.

Bloody good show sir!
Thanks for the crit! Cool song man, the only thing I don't really like is the drums. But other than that it's cool!
I'd like to hear this as a full song. I guess I don't really listen to music like this so I can't make too many judgements but what I heard was sweet.
The bit at 0:43 is EPIC but you can tell it still needs to be finished,just fix the drums and add some low end (BASS).
Dude nice work! I really like the electro drums and that guitar line, they blend really well! The cymbal hits at the beginning are a little off putting though. What program have you used to write the drums? Some programs allow you to add some elements of randomness to each drum hit, for example, some hits will be louder than others, some could be a slightly higher pitch, some could be panned differently. I find those subtle differences can make repeated sounds like your cymbal hits not be so samey. It can almost fool the listener into thinking its not a repeated sample, andmake it sound like when a drummer hits a drum/cymbal (it's never going to sound exactly the same every time). I guess thats the point i'm trying to get across (very badly but i'm trying).

I agree with justinhawkins that your guitar line is a bit like johnny greenwood, which is definitely a good thing! And like thesexistofall said you've gotta add some silky smooth bass in there, that will tie it together with that beat far better.

My only real criticism would be the vocals. Slightly pitchy at points, but that just takes a bit of practice. The melody is cool, but I feel that the lyrics aren't quite as strong as they could be. The "and even if wasn't, its not you." line feels rushed, like you're forcing it in there. But I did really love the effects on the backing vocals, that was awesome!

So I think you've got a really cool base for a song there, it just needs some polish.
Keep up the good work, and please check out my stuff if you get a chance!

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First off, the drums need some serious work. Layer up the kick with a deeper one, then bring out the low end with some EQ, then bring out the 'bite' in the high end with another touch of EQ. A little compression might help in consolidating the drums too. The snare, as well as the kick, needs some work too. I'd first off raise the level, then boost around 200Hz to add some punch, it sounds very thin at the moment so I'd probably suggest triggering it with another snare sound too to hep beef it out a tad. I like guitars alot, although they lack any presence and need a bit more of an impact. The lyrics and vocals are definitely the highlight here, they really are incredible if you ask me. Maybe just a small nibble is that the vocals are a bit clean and errrmmmm... how do I say? Nonthreatening and soft? They just lack any aggression. I really like how the uncomplicated music draws out the lyrics though, good job