I came across a Fender Foto Flame Stratocaster with Floyd Rose at my local guitar shop. Does anyone have any experience with these? Does anyone also know what the value is? Do they normally come with Floyd Roses in them? This has a floyd rose decal on the head so I will make a guess that it was put in by Fender but I could very well be mistaken. The price was $199 used. Good deal? Bad Deal? just trying to get any info on it besides the basic stuff that I have read that it was MIJ and it has the foto layer on top of the basswood to make it look bookmatched flame maple top.
Thanks in advance
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I mean is it really worth $200 or are they just trying to get rid of it? has a few nicks on it and of course i didnt have the time to sit down and play it nor get a serial number off of it. Ive always wanted to try a floyd rose but if i get it for that price could i Flip it?
a friend of mine had one of these, it developed a nasty deep split on the back of the body where the flame finish peeled right off.

didn't impress me.
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the photo-flames tended to be lower end guitars. $200 is an ok price provided the guitar is in really good shape.
Chances are it is a great player. They are worth about 4-600 USD.
$200 is a pretty good deal for an MIJ foto flame, around here I usually see those (in good shape) running closer to the $500 mark. simply put: it beats the hell out of any squire or used mexican strat in that price range.