So the Peavey Envoy I played on at my guitar lessons is pretty decent but I'm not sure if I would get sick of it and someone told me that for $200 I would probably get sick of it and they recommended a Blackstar HT-5. I've tried a Blackstar HT-5 and it was pretty loud but I liked the tone on it so that's what concerns me because I play in my bedroom. Also it's double the price of the Envoy so I'm not sure if it would be worth it.

So which one would be a good amp that would last in terms of tone? I play Metal but I play cleans sometimes so which is more versatile and which would be better for bedroom practice?

Blackstar HT-5

Peavey Envoy
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HT5s an awesome little amp. I wouldn't worry about volume, I can get a perfectly acceptable tone at dorm volume levels. The headphone out is pretty bad sounding though, so I wouldn't plan on using that too often.
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Blackstar 100% I've got a HT-5 and the HT-20 love them both. I've never had a problem with the HT-5 getting it to play at low volume and still sound really nice and i or so use it at the bar i play in every Thursday night work really well sounds great and I've had quite a few complements on its tone so go with the Blackstar
Blackstar, no question there. I own a HT-50 Half Stack and its balls to the wall killer, i love that thing. I've played the HT-5 and i also love the sound of it, real sweet tone out of it and the volume is manageable for bedroom volumes. It might cost a bit more but i would say it's worth it.
Yeah I'm going to try and get a Blackstar HT-5 combo amp now. The distortion is good for a bright crunchy tone and the cleans sound good right?
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I like the sound of the Blackstar's cleans. I think they're pretty crisp. I wouldn't imagine a 5W amp will have much headroom, but that should help in getting a nice crunch tone still.
Yeah I just got the amp, it sounds awesome and it's the best guitar related purchase I've made besides switching to coated strings.

Just a quick question. Every time I'm not touching the strings on it when it's on overdrive the amp feedbacks realy badly. Is it because of the guitar or amp? Also my guitar is an Ibanez GRG121.
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