I am mainly a guitarist but have been dabbling and enjoying the bass. The hand down bass has had it. Was at the music shop and saw a Toby Bass. I picked it up and they let me play it. I know Tobias used to make some excellent basses. How are they now? Does anyone have an experience with these? I may buy this one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Michael Tobias does still make excellant basses, but under a different name. I've got no experience with the Toby basses however.

Have a look at the MTD (Tobias' new name) Kingston series basses.
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Thanks for the input. Now I know to avoid it.
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The Toby basses are entry-level instruments. i've seen only pictures of them, so I can't speak to whether they are any good. But you could probably do better for about the same price.

Tobias basses - the MTD, the MTD overseas and the Gibson-owned Tobias basses are very good instruments.
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The Epiphone made Toby basses look like they'll play excellently, I'm just not nuts about the choice of bridge, but thats an easy fix. I'd get one if i wasn't saving for a legit Warwick.
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