Well, as mi 1st mod i decided i wanted to sand the neck of mi guitar because i was sick of it stickiness.
so this is what it looked like:

So as i wanted to keep the dots on the side of the neck and sand just the finger contact surface, i used tape on the neck:

I used this sandpaper, it said it's special for paint:

Well, at the end it tourned out really well, the edges aren't 100% perfect but it's close enough:

i made this for every 1 who is afraid of doing this mod (like i was), and the truth is it's really easy, it just took me 10 min and less than 1$
I 100% recommend this mod to any 1 that has painted neck because it greatly improves playability at a very cheap cost
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If you run over it with 0000 grade steel wool it will really slick it up,
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