I just downloaded the trial version of guitar pro 6. I was just wondering if you guys knew if you could use the guitar pro tabs on here with just the trial version or if you need to actually buy it. So far I am completely confused by the trial version. Do I need an MDMI cable in order to do anything? I know the trial version is limited.
I know it says it's suppose to be for beginners but it looks way too advanced for me.
If you're used to GP5, then GP6 will be somewhat of a transition but after a while you really get used to it and realise that it is way better than GP5. You CAN open tabs in the trial version, but you CAN'T SAVE anything, though. And I have no idea what cable you are speaking of. Had the full version for about 6 months and I never had to use one.
I just downloaded the mysongbook as well and I don't understand why I can't open guitarpro tabs here on ultimateguitar. Is it because I only have the trial version?