Currently I've been playing alot of small bars and my amp is too big for the places I'm playing and frankly it's a bitch lugging around a half stack. I'm currently using a Carvin X100b head thru a Marshall 4x12 cab. I'm considering either getting a matching 2x12 cab for the Carvin for around $250 or just getting a smaller amp for the smaller gigs. If I choose a smaller amp, I would have a budget of around $500. The music style I play boarders between hard rock and alternative rock so I don't need to get a brutal amp. I prefer tube amps above SS amps. Also I am using a Boss ME-70 floor processor, so I don't need modelling technology built into an amp. So what do you think, get the cab for slightly less gear in the van, or smaller amp for even less gear in the van? And if you choose smaller amp, could you possibly make a recomendation? thanks in advance!

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If you are happy with your tone get a smaller cab. If not get a new amp
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What does the Carvin X100b voice like? It it more British or American in tone?
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the x100b is straight up american
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Honestly? I'd suggest a different amp.

It's possible, if size is the only issue, that a 2x12 cab could solve the problem.

But, when I had a JCM halfstack, I found that halving the power and the speakers did little for the overall sound output. Might want to go for a lower wattage Fender amp for an "American" sound to fill out for small bar situations.
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I'd probably get a new amp, preferably a combo for ease of transportation.

Fender for hard rock seems a little unsuited, but I can't really think of many low watt amps good for hard rock, except for jet city and bugeras v series (are they american voiced?). As for the higher watt stuff there's a ton for metal and hard rock, the jet city's, b-52s are good, peavey valve king, maybe an egnater tweaker.

I own a b-52 at 2x12 combo and it's very good, it's got plenty of gain, the clean channel is awesome but it's very loud and heavy.
Ive tried the tweaker and it's a pretty cool amp, cleans could have been better but the overdrive was good, the price set me back though.
Those two I can vouch for, people have said that the b-52s have reliability problems but all the issues don't really keep it from working.

So just go check out some amps.
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You know, I've found even a 2x12 can be overkill for the stage space I have in bars. Been playing through a 1x12 combo recently and love the hell out of it!

As you have all of your processing on the floor, have you considered getting a nice lower watt single channel for gigging? A 20 watt JetCity sounds fantastic, has plenty of horse power & is close to half the weight of your X100B.

Of course there are tons of other single channel amps, just picking one that is a readily known quantity...

Better yet, just get the combo: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Jet-City-Amplification-JCA2112RC-20W-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-583601-i2193003.gc

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