Just uploaded this as a mp3, i dont have time to make youtube vids lol.

Anyhow about the song.

One more my favs that i had to try and cover.
Gear Used;
Guitar and effects :Epiphone LP standard used with a Toneport UX1 (default paks)
Recording Software: Cubase 5
Drumming Software: ezdrummer (although now i have Superior)
Bass: synth created with FL.9a

Well thats the jist of things i used, now a little about my "method"
There are little moments in the song where it is obvious to me (and possibl alot of guitarists out there) I made a few flubs, particularly with my note bending, its a skill i have to perfect but i am working on it (dont help my intonation on the guitar sucks)

The first solo i learned on UG, at the end of the 1st i do a random semi-sweeping lick, but i know its a progressing scale of some sort.
and the last "solo" parts, i slide to a higher note rather than ringing out on the end notes, i just do that because thats what i always hear and do it our of habit lol.

the end riff for the song is a lot faster than the original slowing progression because i suck at re-adjusting temp tracks at the time, forgot to mention i also up the tempo of the whole song for selfish reasons..

but above all of that, i think for 2009 this was a decent attempt on my part.

I may upload more (from bands like , Inflames,APC,Megadeth,Metallica,Trivium,) but one day at a time :P

currently im working on PublicEnemyNo.1

also p.s , i wouldnt mind adding vocals to the track, if you want please let me know someone capable so i can pop it in or something, just thought maybe vocals would round this sweet cover. anyhow, that is it.
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