Hey guys.

So, I've officially declared my standard tuning for my band to be Eb Standard (fits my voice better). Now, I play a BC Rich Mockingbird Special X (Tune-o-Matic bridge) with 9s on it. They feel a bit loose as well as giving me a little muddier sound that I don't particularly enjoy.

I wanted to switch to 10s to gimme a little more tension. Now, what would I have to do to prep the guitar for this? I mean, do I need to get my bridge adjusted or anything?

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depending on your guitar you might need to adjust the truss rod and the action and possible the intonation but since your just going up one gauge you cna probbly do it with little chage to it
Since you don't have a floyd rose bridge you should be totally fine going to any string gauge, 10 or otherwise. 9s aren't really my thing either. I go Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottom on pretty much all my guitars except for my strat project guitar which I have in Drop B for some reason. That gets the 11s :P
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you might need to adjust the truss rod and the intonation, you might not need to adjust anything at all. 9s to 10s isn't really a big step.
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9s (presumably set up for E Standard) to .10s for Eb Standard isn't enough of a leap to warrant changing anything. You may want to adjust intonation on the 3rd, 5th and 6th strings, but the 1st, 2nd and 4th should still sound pretty much spot-on.
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Absolutely nothing, you're just going from 9s in E to 10s in Eb.
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your neck will be fine, as said before check you intonation and you may have to raise your bridge a little depending on how low your action is
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Absolutely nothing, you're just going from 9s in E to 10s in Eb.


In the event you do need to adjust anything, you do it after. There is no "prep" involved, just put on strings, see how they affect your guitar, and then react to that effect. Most likely scenario in your case is that you won't need to do anything.
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