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I was curious, what are the benifits or similarities, etc of a tuning in 440Hz compared to 332Hz, 444Hz,? also of any other variations.
440Hz is "standard" and refers to the frequency of A3 to work out the rest of the tuning.

Generally it's what people use for everything, and you adjust the tuning for when you're playing with things that are tuned to a different baseline (generally pianos).

You can shift it but everyone you're playing with will have to change their tuning too.
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There are no 'benefits' to tuning differently. The music, tv, radio, video game and film industries are all set up expecting all music to be played with instruments tuned to A440. If you pick something else, you'll just sound flat/sharp as a whole and you'll be making getting in tune a pain for everyone involved.
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It's always baffling to me that cheap tuners even give you the option to change the frequency. The only time it's used is when mentally unstable people insist on playing Baroque music in the original tunings.
ive decided to go out and buy a new tuner, to find out inperson what the difference may sound like. i had heard instruments found in the pyramids were said to have been in 432hz. i find that to be an appealing reason to try. korg has a tuner that has a range from 410-480, my planet waves tuner only goes from 435-445. i find alot of bands i listen to variate from 440, this is another reason im trying it out. ill let yall know how it went tomorrow.
so korg has a tuner that tunes from 350 -499, but has a cheaper tuner that ranges only from 410- 480.

why would someone tune to 3XX?

everyone uses 440.

especially on a guitar.

the end.
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