This piece was inspired by Opeth, Beyond Twilight and the novel "Farenheit 451". It's only a short instrumental but I hope to extend it in the same format as Beyond Twilight's "For the Love of Art and the Making". You can find the song on my profile or my Soundcloud.

Hope you all enjoy and C4C.
I don't really know this genre, but I'll give it a shot...

Nice arpeggios at the start, although I'd definitely raise their level, they sit so far back in the mix that they're hardly audible when the lead comes in. But I have to say the melody they play is really sweet. Same issue with the drums really, they need to be brought up in the mix considerably, as they lack any real power and oompfh. In terms of the lead, I'm resigned to being truthful and I've gotta say the harmonising/dual guitar thing that kicks in briefly throughout the song just doesn't work for me, I find it a bit clashing and disorientating. The leads work quite well though other than that, and I'd just look at producing a main melody around which you base everything else.

This is a cool little beginning though, and considering it's not my usual genre I really enjoyed it!

Good job, keep working on it!

C4C if you wouldn't mind?