i have about 200-300$
i am an intermediate player and i have already 2 guitars( an electric and a classic)
i want a new acoustic guitar that will cost about 250$

any ideas will appreciated!!
yamaha fg700 or fg730s are nice. the first is $200 in the u.s. pretty much everywhere, the second about $300 but i feel it has a warmer tone. you might also wait for the next guitar center/musicians friend sale day and check out a seagull entourage s6.
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Art & Lutherie, Seagull, Simon & Patrick. All made in Canada by Godin.

On a side note, you can get two of the exact same guitar that sound completely different. When I bought my Martin DX, I played one at a music store and immediately put a down payment on it. Then I went to a second store where they had the same guitar for about $100 cheaper. I could have lost my down payment and still saved money, but I got the first one I played because it sounded better.
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My question:
If you already have two other acoustics - why are you buying another cheap one?

You will not find a great guitar for the amount of money you want to spend, and cheap guitars will not help your playing advance as quickly as a better instrument. Save your money, go for something at least the $500-600 range (*where you can find some very very nice guitars), and be happy with what you get - forever. And again, play everything you can. Play more expensive guitars (yes, I mean Martin and Taylor) so you can get an idea what they feel and sound like. Buy whatever makes you want to play, and buy something that you can play fairly well immediately upon picking it up (because that means it suits your playing style, and that means everything).

For what it's worth, I own and am a fan of the Epiphone Masterbilt line. My DR500m works better for me than just about anything else I own in terms of playability (and I own a lot), but that's just me. Opinions are like butt-holes; we all have them and everyones stinks.


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